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Everyone's a dyslexic fuck every now and then.

"He won't be retarded in a strictly medical sense, Miss Taylor, it's just that..." -Fraser

"...You won't like your son." -Ben

You Dyslexic Fuck is a catchphrase in Video Games Awesome, first originating in the Earthbound FanFest show, coupling itself with the famous "HUG!" joke. After Ben screws up the line which makes that joke famous, Fraser exclaims, "Ben, you dyslexic fuck!" while laughing. This joke has gone on to be used whenever a member of the cast misreads dialogue in a video game.

The most common users of the phrase are the chat, who blurt it out often at verbal slip-ups. For example, Fraser frequently can't read signs in Minecraft, which has led to such funny memorable moments as the Crouch Room, or calling Ruddadog a Goggie.

Fraser and the gang always pronounce Dr. Seuss as "Dr. Zeus". They claim this is how all Canadians pronounce it, though many Canadian fans disagreed with this statement. It doesn't matter though; pretty much everybody can't get Dr. Seuss's name right.

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Bor Fen