"Aquaman; the Deacon of the Sea." -Sign describing Aquaman

Aquaman is a character from DC Comics who has also become a major staple in Minecraft Awesome shows.

DC ComicsEdit

Aquaman is mostly known for his roles as King of Atlantis and a founding member of the Justice League of America. His powers included breathing underwater, superhuman strength, and the ability to communicate with marine wildlife. More information can be found on his wikipedia entry.

Minecraft AwesomeEdit

Aquaman SUCKS! - Minecraft Atlantis! - Part IX

Aquaman SUCKS! - Minecraft Atlantis! - Part IX

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First AppearanceEdit

Aquaman is also a recurring character in Minecraft Awesome after his debut during the tour of the Atlantis Build challenge. One user, EnterMEUN (a.k.a. YAYGaming) , had built Aquaman's lair and was using the visage of Aquaman himself as their player skin. Upon reading the signs in the lair, most of which expressed Aquaman's woes of being the resident Deacon of the JLA, Fraser immediately began trolling Aquaman, who hung his head in shame to much laughter.

Minecraft - A Day In The Life of Curry

Minecraft - A Day In The Life of Curry

Team Atlantis' Olympic Video

Since then, Aquaman has appeared in most episodes of Minecraft Awesome and it is now a running gag for Fraser to berate him on sight and make him flee to the nearest large body of water while hanging his head. However, Aquaman does not give up and finds new ways for the crew to mock him.

Aquaman can be easily identified by his orange uniform, blank stare, and gaping mouth, which never seems to close.

Adventure Build ChallengeEdit

In the Adventure build, Fraser and crew came encountered Aquaman, who had built a giant kryptonite-powered Roboctopus, with which he intended to take revenge on Fraser for all the mocking he endured (He had acutally told fraser he'd build it in his frozen Christmas lair, but apparently Fraser forgot). A grand fight ensued, in which Aquaman fought galantly, but in the end Fraser managed to destroy the machine and foil his plans. He later tried to impersonate Nekoevangeline, very poorly, to fool Snarfy_Snarf into rescuing him.

Minecraft OlympicsEdit

Aquaman represented the nation of Atlantis in the Minecraft Olympics. His skin was slightly altered, and he had a grin on. However, his traditional gaping expression appeared during the torch lighting ceremony, where he was one of the girls. Also attending the Olympiad was Aqualad, his young ward.