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What VGA thinks of your oh-so-important Easter Eggs

"He'll NEVER do that again! NEVER!" -Ben

Beedle's Shop refers to the shop of the same name featured in The Legend Of Zelda : Skyward Sword (and many other Zelda games). During the cast's playthrough of Skyward Sword, many people Snarfed that they should enter Beedle's shop and then leave without buying anything to get a "surprise".

They attempted to do it in episode 54, but failed to get the surprise because they only entered and left without checking the item. They succeeded in episode 66 and as soon as the trap door opened, Becky and Ben exagereted a fake reaction to act like they were amazed by the surprise. Fraser even said "This is the most vindictive Becky's ever been". Since then, they kept that reaction every time the Beedle's cutscene happened.
Video Games AWESOME! - You Guys Missed Something!

Video Games AWESOME! - You Guys Missed Something!

During the third-to-last Skyward Sword show, they went to Beedle's Shop and proclaimed they would do one last big overreaction. However, Beedle was out of things to sell so he didn't react at all. In the finale episode, the crew, after beating Demise, went to Skyloft and went into Beetle's Shop. However, he didn't do anything. The crew ended the playthrough with a overreaction anyway.

During the Minecraft AWESOME Skybuild challenge, they paid a visit to Beedle's Shop in the Skylot build. Once again they didn't buy anything and Beedle activate the trap door, inducing the same over-reaction for old times sake.