Blastoff "Trolling in paragraphs" as Fraser puts it.

Blastoff365 is a MLG Pro gamer with one of the biggest gaming dicks known to man, which is so large that it cannot even fit in his pants. He also has a 32-inch LED monitor sitting directly in front of his face, where he cannot see most of the right or left sides of the screen. He is later portrayed as a god by The Chatroom, and his only reply to
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Ballad of Blastoff.

this was "LOL". His first appearance was on Skyrim Christmas part 14.5. His final appearance was in 15, and he is not known to have come back since. Many fanarts have been made in his memory, and one turbo member even changed his name

The only other known image of Blastoff

to Offblast563 to carry on his legacy.

There are also rumors that Blastoff was indeed playing with Fraser during Journey and greifing him by rushing ahead and getting them attacked by monsters, as well as going the wrong way during the final stretch. Despite this, Fraser stuck with him until the end, where both of them almost froze to death in the harsh winter blizzard. Then they both went Super Saiyan and flew up to the top of the mountain.

Abridged TranscriptEdit

<blastoff> how in the Hell does this guy have so many viewers at this time with the way he has the stream set up? It’s hard as shit to watch the game since all you see is him and his tree, as well as the scrolling chat? :/
<blastoff> Yeah because my 32 in Samsung LED monitor is so small! LMAO…
<blastoff> LMAO you dipshits are Fucking Hilarious!!! Kappa What a bunch of FUCKTARDS! LMAO
<blastoff> lol
<blastoff> I now live in Infamy
<blastoff> LOL
<blastoff> After waiting 1 full minute, all I can type is LOL…
<blastoff> LOL…you all really do stay indefinitely entertained with the most nonsensical BS! You’re easily entertained I see.
<blastoff> This chat room is like a pack of wolves preying on one piece of meat, ripping it to shreds until there is nothing left but bone. LMAO

Skyrim Christmas AWESOME! - Part 14.5

Skyrim Christmas AWESOME! - Part 14.5.mp4