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Sonic Generations is AWESOME! - Part 13

Sonic Generations is AWESOME! - Part 13

Snarf: The beginning is the meat.

"Come with me, we'll set you free, and then together we'll hit puberty!" -Fraser's "enhanced" lyrics to City Escape

"This song is a reflection on American Slavery" - The chatroom

City Escape is a running joke on Video Games Awesome referring to "Escape From the City", the song playing on the City Escape levels of Sonic Generations and Sonic Adventure 2. During the Sonic Generations episode, Fraser remarked how the song (beloved by many Sonic fans, as noted in the chatroom) sounded more like a parody song from South Park. He claimed it was generic, uninspired, cheesy, the lyrics contradicted with each other, and the fact that it accompanied snow boarding down a paved hillside represented his hatred for modern Sonic.

This statement of opinion is one of the few non-trolling moments to cause mass unsubbing due to Sonic fanboy butthurt. Fraser commented that the version heard in Sonic Adventure 2, hailed by some as the best version, was even worse.

Sonic Generations is AWESOME! - Part 14

Sonic Generations is AWESOME! - Part 14

Protip: Just watch the begining

Fraser brought back the song for unrelated games, such as VVVVVV, Ratchet & Clank, and [PROTOTYPE]. Each time he annoyed more fanboys, especially times where he'd just make up the lyrics. Fraser also made up new lyrics to "Super Sonic Racing" during the Green Hill Zone leve, but found no fault with the song itself compared to City Escape.

In Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic Games, Fraser ended the show by riding a horse to the song.