Comissioners were a sort of Moderator-lite, having more powers than the average user, but not nearly as many as a Mod. Commissioners could jail a user, mute a user, and check blocks and chests for theft/griefing, but that was essentially all that a Com could do that a normal user can not. Commissioners status was primarily only used on Minecraft Awesome and the chatroom, but their opinions were valued nonetheless on the forums as well.

Users were promoted to Commissioner status after careful consideration by the Moderators and other Commissioners. They were frequently drawn from trusted, long-time users well known to the mods.

List of CommissionersEdit

The position of Commissioner was made obsolete on 15th August 2012, with the resignation of Lemmy_Koopa and Cogswell_Chris ' promotion to Moderator.

No Longer CommissionersEdit

These are Commissioners who, for one reason or another, have left the position, either voluntarily or not.