Awesome Video GamesEdit

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Dad giving the boys Turbo Sticks for Christmas

"Sand trap? Water hazard? These hazards are.... hazardous!" -Dad

Dad is Chet and Ace's father. His dad is Dad's Dad. He appears in Awesome Video Games and is played by the revered Deacon Publicover, the very face of FFStv. Dad doesn't care much for video games, unless they are Golf simualtors. Instead he'd much rather have his sons take out the trash when he tells them to.

Dad seems to favor Chet over Ace, but especially favors R.O.B. as a third son. Dad sometimes disguises himself as Santa to find out what the boys want for Christmas. He is also a Turbo Sticks enthusiast.

Minecraft AwesomeEdit

A demonic apparation of Dad appeared in the Minecraft Awesome Adventure Build played by Charbb. He appeared in the Heroes of Legend build and attempted to enslave the heroes by making them take out a gigantic bag of Trash. when the heroes declined, he attacked them with Turbo Sticks. Fraser shot him with an arrow, killed him, and then the build promptly filled up with evil boulders.