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A typical day on VGA.

"Oh, I have to fight fair. Shit." -Fraser

The Death Count is used by the chat room to keep track of how often Fraser dies when playing a game. The Chat is very quick to keep track of the death count, much to Fraser's chagrin. For some games, like VVVVVV, the death count was so high, the chatroom lost count.

(For the record, the answer is 1372)


  • Some variations of the rules exist, such as restarts count as half a death.
  • An inversion of the Death Count is the Survival Count, which counts how many times Fraser overcomes a potential death. This was introduced in the LIMBO episode.
  • Becky got her own swear count during the Mario Kart Wii episode due to her abnormally frequent use of profanity.
  • In NeverDead, the main character can't die. So instead, the chat adopted a dismemberment count.
  • In Mario Party 2, Fraser got a Troll count for all the times he trolled the other players. Similarly, in the Sky Build Challenge, Fraser got a Troll count for how many times he trolled the Chat.
  • The Adventure Build Challenge had a cheat count for the enormous number of times the crew cheated.

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