Doc Louis

Doc Louis speaks to Ace from his TV set.

"Soda Biscuit" -Doc Louis

Doc Louis is a character from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! that trains the main character Little Mac. He appears on Awesome Video Games after Ace loses to Victor von Kaiser inspire him. Doc seems to enjoy toying with Ace, making Ace think he's dead, or that Doc's a ghost.

Doc has a Phd in Boxicology, but the Punch-Out league saw fit to forcibly retire him anyway. Doc Louis offers Ace very little advice outside of song quotes, and cons Ace out of his bike lock combination.

thumb|300px|rightDoc Louis is voiced by Fraser as a stereotypical black person. Fraser used his Doc Louis voice again during VGA's episode covering Abobo's Big Adventure, where Doc Louis coaches Abobo and helps him defeat Little Mac.