"Who would've thought? On your very first try!" -Ben


Fraser's gaming dick after beating Veni Vidi Vici on his first EVER try.

The term "First Try!" is a phrase from Video Games Awesome commonly used by the chat room whenever Fraser and co. complete tasks in whatever game they may be playing. Although the term usually implies that the task was completed on the first attempt, the chat will say this regardless of how long it takes.

First time the phrase was used was on the Super Mario RPG fanfest after Fraser had just made a difficult isotopic platform jump, after failing many, many times. Kyle quoted Jordanz123 in the Chat "Fraser Did that So Fast in One Try" as he was refering to Fraser editing videos to make it seem that he does things on the first try. The crew laughed about it and then Kyle said the later on foundly used "First Try" phrase. I was after that moment commenly used after any one on the show managed to achieve something after many failed attempts.

One of the most notable examples of "First Try!" was during VVVVVV, when Fraser finally completed the Veni, Vidi, Vici portion of the game after numerous tries and nearly giving up. After finally getting it, Fraser exclaims "first try!"

Appropriate times to say "First Try!"Edit

  • Beating a boss/miniboss
  • Completing an entire level or a specific sequence during a level
Video Games AWESOME! - Frasher Picks the Lock

Video Games AWESOME! - Frasher Picks the Lock

Rare example of an actual "First Try!"

  • Solving a puzzle
  • Completely shitting the bed

Reminder: "First Try!" can be declared regardless of how many attempts it takes to complete any of the above scenarios. Indeed, it's used to further rub in Fraser's ineptitude by poking fun at how long it takes him to complete the simplest tasks.