"You take a lot of moody pi

ctures! - Kyle" is a video made by MrChrisMad as a way to poke fun at Fraser. The video is a photographic slideshow of Fraser, set to Matt Mulholland's piano cover of Rebecca Black's "Friday" in a minor key, in a way reminiscint of Nickelback. The photos were seemingly recovered by VGA fans that stumbled u
Best Chrono Trigger Review EVER! - Show and Trailer!

Best Chrono Trigger Review EVER! - Show and Trailer!

The song starts at 7:33

pon links Fraser posted of these photos years ago. In the photos, Fraser's face is emotionless and is seen doing mundane things on his computer. He would be at home, with his cat, in a cafe, or outside. Combined with the song, the video gives off a depressing feel, contrasting with the usually upbeat Fraser on Video Games Awesome! The video was actually shown during a Show and Trailer episode and the entire cast had a good time watching it, except for Fraser. Fraser explained that the photos were test shots he took and


later uploaded to Flickr. Fraser.wmv is another video that does the exact same thing as Fraser.wmv was the version played on the Show and Trailer.

Another variant of is Hero.avi, which was made after the Show and Trailer. During a show, Fraser and the rest of the hosts noted the amount of AMVs (animated music videos) set to Sonic the Hedgehog and/or Nickelback on Youtube. Hero.avi was the result of this observation. Similar to, Hero.avi is a slideshow set to Chad Kroeger's (Nickelback's lead singer) "Hero", except it is more centered around Fraser's cats, Hugo & Ruddager. Ben and Kyle appear in a photo.