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"Ye hear me! I'm nada fraida ya anymore!"

Home Alone is a film that's been brought up a few time in Video Games Awesome. In Episode 6 of Limbo is AWESOME!, they discussed how much darker it would be if it was actually a horror film. For example, Kevin would've been intentionally left behind by his parents, ends up killing the bandits, and then his parents in the sequel.

The Chat began creating several alternate horror titles for Home Alone, until they finally decided on Homicidal Stallone. Though Assnemesis555 is credited with coming up with the "Homicidal" piece (according to kshade at 11:38), the creator of the "Stallone" part is currently unknown as it was said during the break between Episode 6 and Episode 7. In it, Macaulay Culkin would be replaced by an adult Sylvester Stallone (but still be wearing kids clothes), who would completely wreck Danny DeVito.

Homicidal Stallone - Limbo is AWESOME - Featurette

Homicidal Stallone - Limbo is AWESOME - Featurette