"Hug Announcement!" -Video Title wherein Ben's return was announced

Hug! is a meme that arose during the Earthbound FanFest. It was one of the few shows that were live back in the earlier days of VGA, and it was about Fraser playing EarthBound for the SNES. During the show, the hosts each took turns in voice acting the (already silly) dialogue various characters in the game had, which offered some comic relief. However, at one point Ben was supposed to read the lines of a small girl which went as follows:

"Huge! Not you, I'm talking about the dinosaur bones."

VGA LIVE! - EarthBound FanFest - Part 1

VGA LIVE! - EarthBound FanFest - Part 1

The part of the EarthBound FanFest featuring the "Hug!" incident., wich occurs around the 12 minute mark.

Ben totally botched the line up by saying "Hug!" instead of "Huge!", resulting in total hilarity on the show, and Ben lamenting the fact that the show was live. Fraser and Ben attribute the mistake to Ben's case of dyslexia. "Hug!" is still sometimes referred to when someone means to say "huge!"