"Jajajaja!" "... Pedro, you fucking cock."

"It seems the amount of Spanish viewers has gone up lately." -Fraser

From Part 5 of Minecraft Awesome Expedition, Fraser recalls how user luisbuceta would say "Jajajaja" whenever Fraser acknowledged him. His first impression was that the person was being a dick, but realised soon after that he was just Spanish. Jajajaja is now occasionally used by The Chat to further troll Fraser's failures.

Jajajaja is a form of laughter used by some Spanish players (similar to a "lol"), as the J is pronounced like an H in Spanish. Whenever Fraser or Becky say it, though, they always ignore the Spanish pronunciation, so they pronounce it like it's spelled.

Dwarf Kings! - Minecraft AWESOME Expedition! Part 5

Dwarf Kings! - Minecraft AWESOME Expedition! Part 5

Jajaja origin from 10:52 to 11:26