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Kyle Huinink is one of 5 co-host for Video Games Awesome. He is also known for playing Chet on Awesome Video Games. Kyle has been with FFStv since it began its run in 2005. Kyle went to college with Deacon Publicover and met Fraser Agar there, thus forming a friendship with Agar and his friend Ben Taylor. When they befriended Fraser, they began making Awesome Video Games with the help of Huinink, Taylor, and Deacon Publicover. Kyle is known for his happy sense of humor usually cracking jokes and quoting The Simpsons. Huinink was also a musician, known by his stage name O.B.B. A.K.A. Obb A.K.A. O.B.B. Aka Obb. He was a beat boxer but quit after the success got to him. thumb|300px|right

Kyle works as an industrial designer for furniture, a subject sometimes touched upon on Video Games Awesome. For example, he disliked the fact that tables are easy to construct in Minecraft. He also has a brother who is a hockey player. Kyle is also the inventor of U Mad Brew, the official beer of VGA. Currently, Kyle is the owner of his own furniture company, Hue.N.Ink Designs.

Because he has a full-time job, Kyle normally appears on Fourplay Friday episodes and Show & Trailer episodes. He frequently plays as Donkey Kong in multiplayer games, as shown in Mario Party 2, Mario Party 4, and Super Smash Brothers: Brawl.

In October 2013, through the power of Grand Theft Auto V Online, Video Games Awesome managed to talk to Kyle from when he was 11 years old. Fraser made 11-year-old Kyle a free Turbo and changed the future.

On the 2013 Christmas Special, he addressed he was expecting a baby. In May 2014, Kyle had a said baby, a daughter named Everly.

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