Nobody likes Luigi.

"You know, in a MARIO game, the A button would be "attack." He calls for help. Luigi calls for help with the A button, the biggest button on the controller." - Fraser

Luigi Mario is the younger brother of famous video game character Mario Mario. Most people feel that Luigi is a great character, but the cast of Video Games Awesome thought differently. During their E3 show, Fraser criticized Nintendo's choice to make another Luigi game, having never played Luigi's Mansion. The Chat then very thoughtfully begged for them to play it, which they did during "Halloween is AWESOME" Month. During the entire show, Fraser trolled the chat by making fun of Luigi, his enemies, and by wearing Mario hats. At the end, though, Fraser admitted it was a good game. Later on, Mr.ChrisMad and many other Minecrafters built Luigi's Mansion as part of the 2011 Halloween Build in the Minecraft Awesome server, wherein Couch Rooms and a very sassy Luigi face were found. Mr.ChrisMad was hailed as the king of trolling as Luigi. The Chat also learned of Kyle's extreme dislike of the Luigi character as well.

In the Super Smash Brothers: Brawl episode, there are also instances of Luigi hate throughout the playthrough. The hosts would refuse to play as Luigi despite unlocking him and they wore a Waluigi hat instead of a Luigi one despite Waluigi being unplayable (though this is due to technical reasons, the hosts would still consider this to be an anti-Luigi sentiment)

In the Christmas Build, Fraser found a gift for him from Santa. Inside, though it was full of coal, with a note saying that Santa was a fan of Luigi. Becky was visibly taken back by the surprise.

Interestingly, in the New Super Mario Brothers Wii episode, Ben played as Luigi with no ill will towards him.