Moderators (more commonly known as "Mods") have many powers and responsibilities. They perform many of the behind-the-scenes functions for the Video Games Awesome show and its websites. Moderators are generally hand-picked by Fraser as trustworthy, long-time fans who want to help out the show.

The ChatroomEdit

Mods moderate the chatroom during live shows, by muting, freezing, or kicking unruly users. In Shadow Chat, before the implementation of the new IRC chatroom, Turbo Club members are mods but are not allowed to mod the chatroom.

Becky was the first moderator for VGA during the early live shows. Now she reads the chat live during the show.

Minecraft AwesomeEdit

They are the ones who organize the build challenges. They are also the sole wielders of the banhammer of legend (Apart from Fraser), can teleport (Though they will not just teleport to you by request. They have it to make sure no one is hacking, griefing, etc.), and have a variety of other powers, as well.

If a player/community wishes to own a portal, they will be able to submit a request for one, and the Mods will evaluate the build to determine if it is worth of one. Portals are free in New World and undergo a more strict grading system.

VGA WebsitesEdit

The Moderators maintain and moderate the official VGA forums. They are also the tech support for both the websites and the servers.

List of ModeratorsEdit

(*Currently on break and should not be contacted for Moderation reasons.)

No Longer ModeratorsEdit