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Is this Deacon or Ben's birthday?

"On my/Deacon's Birthday!" is a phrase used almost exclusively by Deacon on Video Games Awesome. He typically says it whenever Fraser takes a jab at him on the show in some way

The first time that Deacon said "On my Birthday!", the viewers immediately assumed that it really was Deacon's birthday and flooded the chat room with Happy Birthday messages. Becky quickly established that it was not, in fact, Deacon's birthday but that did not stop the chat from doing it again the next time he said it on another show.

The tour of the new Minecraft Awesome server during the Minecraft Genesis episode happened to coincide with Deacon's actual birthday. As a result, Fraser allowed a Deacon sign that had been built in the server to stand for the day. This resulted in the only time that "On my/Deacon's Birthday!" has been used in a positive situation.