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The eyes of a killer. Not a heroin addict as one may initially presume.

"'If I knew it was gonna be this much trouble I never would have killed your dog." -Ben

On Thursday, Janurary 26, 2012, a little after 4:00 PM PST, Fraser tamed his first dog during the Minecraft Survival AWESOME! show. He'd wanted a dog like Ben and Becky for days, but could never succeed on wooing them. Ruddadog, however, only needed one bone before being tamed. Fraser admits he was a little racist, but he was still the best goggie ever.

During the harrowing night-hearding of the cows, Ruddadog did a great job of defending his master against the zombie, spider, and skeleton meneces. But of course, there was the ever-present threat of the creeper. Ben, trying to come to Fraser's aid, went to attack the beast. Fraser warned Ben not to hurt or kill Ruddadog seconds before Ben missed the creeper and struck the dog, taking Ruddadog's life.

Fraser and the chat were devestated, and it took several hours before either were ready to forgive Ben, despite it being an honest mistake. Fraser would go on rants about Ben being a dog killer and not being apologetic about what he'd done -
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Ruddadog's grave

mostly to troll Ben.

Becky joined in, mistakenly thinking that Ben had killed her dog too, after a creeper followed him to Ruddadog's funeral back at Fort Snarf and blew up, being an epic case of karmic-trolling. However, the chat reminded her that she had, in fact, accidentally slaughtered her dog during her cow-killing sprees. She admitted this after Ben made a heartfelt apology a few years later.

A grave to mourn the loss of Ruddadog was built on the same show; shortly after, minecrafters built a monument in New New Spawn city with a similar epitaph, and several messages of condolences to the bereaved.

Ruddadog Tribute

Ruddadog Tribute