A classic VGA moment with Snarf

"Ben's life goal is to teach a dog to bark Snarf." -Fraser

Snarf is a character from ThunderCats that often used his name as a verbal tic. Ben's Minecraft Awesome avatar is Snarf wearing Ace's Invincible shirt. Fort Snarf is named after Snarf.

Ben and the the chat room typically use the word Snarf for varying reasons.

Used by BenEdit

"Snarf" is one of Ben's catch-phrases. He will typically say it in one of two ways:

  • A high-pitched, drawn out "Sshhnnnyaarf!". When spoken in this manner, Ben may say two or three Snarfs in succession. This style is similar to the way it is said by Snarf from ThunderCats.
  • A lower-pitched, shorter "SNARF!". This style is closer to the sound of a dog barking.

In Minecraft AWESOME, Ben's dog Basil barks by saying "SNARF!", much like he does.

Used by the chat roomEdit

On October 7th, 2011 during an episode of Batman Arkham Asylum Fraser spent the first 9 and a half minutes trying to figure out how to get to the next area, recieving lots of incorrect advice along the way. After finally discovering the solution on his own, Fraser suggested that there be a system for giving tips when they are playing through a game. Though Ben's suggestion, "Snarf" was adopted as a term for the chat room along with "Derp". When used, a viewer will type in the word "SNARF:" or "DERP:" followed by the advice they want to give. The proper usage of the terms are as follows:
VGA TURBO TIPS! Snarf derp system

VGA TURBO TIPS! Snarf derp system

  • "SNARF:" should only be used if the viewer is 100% sure that the information that they are giving is correct. Improper use of "SNARF:" may result in consequences such as time-outs or even banning.
  • "DERP:" should be used if the viewer just has an idea and is unsure of whether or not it will work.

During the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword playthrough, the chat room requested to replace "SNARF:" with "Hey! Listen!" for that specific playthrough. Fraser eventually settled on only using "SNARF:" for the sake of new viewers who might get confused by the flip-flopping terms. However, Ben would occassionally say "Hey!" before giving Fraser "advice", usually to get him to progress with the game or simply to troll Fraser, to go along with the fact that he was dressing as Navi for the night.

Occassionally, the chat room will use "SNARF:" or "DERP:" in a non-gaming context in order to express their opinions on a certain matter.

Improper Snarfs have been mocked by Fraser and Ben by saying "Snarf!" in an exaggerated manner and making a farting noise.

The Derp/Snarf system has since been abolished by Fraser, although he may still ask for snarfs on rare occasions if he absolutely needs to be sure about something.