TF2 Christmas

Look at these festive jackasses!

Team Fortress Awesome is the official Team Fortress 2 server of FFStv. The server enjoyed some time as a semi-public server, limited only by the password known to the entire public as "turbo" to keep random people out of the server. Since 31st of December 2011 though, the server changed back to being exclusive for Turbo Club members. The password has been changed and now is only shown on the Turbo-exclusive forum on the VGA site, as well as being whitelist-only. The matches played on the server are often of high quality. Every now and then the server is "blessed" by the presence of Fraser Agar or Ben Taylor. In fact, TF2 is virtually the only game Fraser plays off showtime.

Team Fortress Exhibition Matches are played Live on the show occasionally, such as for major updates. These shows typically pit Team Derp against Team Snarf, with VGA crew watching as spectators.

It is generally encouraged that every player creates a distinctive look for themselves, as that makes individual players easy to recognize.

Fraser Tries to play some TF2

Fraser Tries to play some TF2

A Typical day on the VGA server

Turbo TourneyEdit

Official Tournements are occaisionally organized on the server with knock-out and championship rounds. Organization for such events can be found on the forums

Saturday Super SessionsEdit

Sometimes for a few hours each Saturday, the map rotation is completely revised to include more wacky and creative maps and game modes, such as "Vs. Saxton Hale" or Dodgeball.

Mann vs MachineEdit

In addition to the standard TF2 server, VGA also hosts four Mann vs. Machine servers. Spectators are not allowed as spectators take up bot slots.