"With the live chat helping us, this should be easy." -Fraser, making the biggest mistake of his life

The Chatroom, commonly known as 'Team Chat', is an integral part of Video Games Awesome ever since the shows started airing live. The Chatroom is a hivemind entity of Lovecraftian proportians that feeds off trolling Fraser in as many ways possible. Generally if the VGA crew is having trouble with a particular game, the chat will try to offer advice on how to proceed, using "SNARF" or "DERP" to clarify its suggestions. On occasion, though, it'll provide intentionally false information, mock their ineptitude, or otherwise do what it can to annoy Fraser in any way possible.

The Chatroom has had several defining moments, such as when it comes up with names for the many new jokes on the show, such as "Don't Pancake", "U Mad Brew", and "Jajajaja". It also gave birth to several heroes, such as Blastoff365 and ePoot. Becky is hailed as the patron saint of the chat, as she often reads out loud the jokes from the chatroom, much to Fraser's chagrin.

Fraser Agar Video Games Lonesome (VGA!)

Fraser Agar Video Games Lonesome (VGA!)

The Chatroom: Fraser's only true friend

Due to excessive spoilers, bad directions and general chaos, the chat was split into the on-screen Turbo Chat and the unruly wastes of the Ghetto Chat in Feburary 2012. Only Turbos can now directly converse with VGA, while Ghetto chat remains offscreen. This has not made it any less snarky, though.

In April 2012, a new IRC chatroom to replace the twitch chat was introduced. It is still in development and is supposed to eliminate many of the technical problems of the twitch chat, such as not being able to differentiate between mods and turbos. It requires you to log on using your VGA forums username, and in the future, a one-week delay for new members may be implemented. This new chat can be accessed at