Santa loves Awesome Video Games!

The Real Santa is the authentic, one-and-only Santa Claus, who revealed himself to Ace and Chet after their Dad was discovered to be pretending to be Santa. Santa always visits the boys on Christmas and delivers them presents, as well as entertains them with his stories of wild adventures. He is totally not played by Fraser Agar. if someone tells you that they are lying

Santa has an especially big role in the "Once Upon a Christmas Star" miniseries, where he saves the day by exposing Lester's trickery and making sure the brothers get their Super Nintendo, ensuring everyone got a Merry Christmas.

Santa's de

Note: this is NOT the real Santa.

meanor is very boisterous and loud; one might say he acts as though he's drunk all the time. He thinks Ace is a sissy, but it's okay to be a sissy on Christmas.

Video Games AwesomeEdit

Evil santa

Santa as he appears in Minecraft Awesome

Though Awesome Video Games is currently in hiatus, Santa made an appearance on Video Games Awesome during the Minecraft AWESOME Christmas build challenge and the TF2 Christmas show, making him the only character to appear on both shows. Santa opened and closed both show (with Fraser always narrowly missing him), and, after a griefing rampage, was banned from the Minecraft server.

Santa returned (somewhat by accident) during the Minecraft Awesome Survival! episode, when Fraser and crew discovered the cave of the cursed diamonds. In it were several skeletons, as well as Santa. It was later revealed in the Adventure Build Challenge that Santa was murdering people from other Build Challenges and kidnapped Neko. He was eventually overthrown by his boulder minions.

Santa gets BANNED from Minecraft!

Santa gets BANNED from Minecraft!

Why you shouldn't let Santa play your games