Simpsons bt

On the seventh Build Challenge on the Minecraft Awesome server, a build based on The Simpsons was made, consisting of Springfield and its rival town Shelbyville. The build overlapped with the 2011 Halloween Build. Part of it was released in September, and the other part in November. The first part concluded inside the Simpsons household, which transitioned into a Halloween-themed version of the house at the start of the Halloween Build.

This build is based completely on the show and features different areas and scenes that reference specific episodes. During this episode, the entire Video Games Awesome crew dressed up as members of the Simpsons family: Fraser dressed as Homer, Becky dressed as Marge, Ben dressed as Bart, Kyle dressed as Lisa, and Deacon dressed as Maggie.

This build was led by SilentWindODoom and RamblingDude.

The build can be seen here. The second part starts from here.