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Dad giving the boys Turbo Sticks for Christmas

"You just sort of wave them about." -Offical Twig League 'How to Play This Gentleman's Sport' guide

Turbo Sticks were a running gag from Awesome Video Games.

Awesome Video GamesEdit

First mentioned in AVG Ep. 35, The NES Advantage!, Turbo Sticks was Dad's favorite game growing up. He later gave Ace and Chet their own Turbo Sticks for Christmas instead of a Super NES in Ep. 45, Christmas Box. Dad explains how to play, in that you simply need to twirl the sticks in an "inverted trapezoid." Chet is an apparent Turbo Stick prodigy, so much so that Dad had to call the Twig Legion and declare that Chet had "Enough raw talent to take on the Champion himself."

Awesome Video Games - Episode 46 - Merry Stickmas! (FFStv

Awesome Video Games - Episode 46 - Merry Stickmas! (

The Boys playing Turbo Sticks

Video Games AwesomeEdit

Turbo Sticks eventually featured on Video Games Awesome; the most notable event was the Turbo Bowl of the Minecraft Awesome Anniversary. Team Snarf competed against Team Blow. While Turbo Sticks is normally supposed to be a non-contact sport, the competition got heated, and there was much bloodshed.

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When people Turbo Stick too far.

In the Minecraft Olympics, Turbo Sticks were on sale at a concession stand inside the soccer stadium. Turbo Sticks was also an Olympic Sport.