"I swear, if this sucks 13 or 14 more times, I'll unsubscribe!" - Deacon

Unsubbing, short for Unsubscribing, is a sarcastic remark of displeasure for anything that happens on the Video Games Awesome show. It originated around April during the Minecraft Wolves are AWESOME! Episode when Fraser pointed out that one subscriber had been doing nothing but post negative comments for a whole year. The chatroom quickly picked up on it within minutes.

The act of unsubbing refers to the subscription system

To all unsubbers: Fraser gives a damn. Really, he does!

on Youtube, but the peanut gallery will usually say this during a live show and other sites without subscription systems, such as Blistered Thumbs. Usually fans during a live show will complain something ridiculous, such as "Not enough Simpsons quotes. UNSUBBING." Fraser had also said that at the time this joke was made, he looked it up and no one else had made the joke yet. Therefore, according to Fraser, the joke belongs to the VGA Live chat.
Epic DEACONstruction! - Minecraft Wolves are AWESOME! - Part 3

Epic DEACONstruction! - Minecraft Wolves are AWESOME! - Part 3

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