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During the Deus Ex episode of VGA, not only was the concept of Gaming Dick born, but also a staggeringly large number of alternate titles for the show to lure in MLG Pro Gamers. Many of these were funny enough to make Fraser and Ben laugh themselves to tears and even Spit-take.

WARNING: These titles are extremely NSFW.

Deus Ex PRO TIPS (and dick jokes)!

Deus Ex PRO TIPS (and dick jokes)!

VGA Alternate TitlesEdit

  • ProTips for Maximum Extreme PWNAGE for Serial
  • How to Make Money and Have a Bigger Dick: Gaming Pwnage, Presented by The MLG Pro Pwn Gamer Show, Brought to you by Pwn-Style Doritos
  • My Little Pwny
  • L33T PWN Gaming with Super Hot Chicks & Free Money
  • MLG Hardcore Walkthroughs & Learning to Talk to Women
  • Pro Gaming and Hamboning to Help you get All the Ladies or Men We Don't Judge
  • Pwners with Bwners
  • Serious Video Games Awesome Pwning Video Games Hard with Xtreme Pwnage To The Max Because We Are Good This Way if You Don't Like it You Can Snarf Yourself Show
  • How to Increase your Gaming Dick while Sitting Down
  • Pwning. Swriously.
  • Leet Video Games Pro Tips Fuck the Police Awesome NOOB Slayers Pwning Over 9000 MLG Epic Games Serious Hank Time: Fuck Bitches, Make Money: Reloaded: Our Cocks are Huge
  • Where's the Start Button: A Pro Gaming Show about Pro Gaming
  • Pro Pwn Gaming gices you Bigger Dicks, Hotter Chicks, and Time Travel with Doc Brown
  • Teach me How to Pwn: A Guide from the Pwning Experts Frasher and Bean
  • How to Seduce Women: Featuring Deus Ex
  • g4merpr0: Tips for Serious Gamers who want to excel at MLG Video Gamer Sk1lls
  • Super Hot Chicks and Free Money and Pro Tips for Gamers and also how to Increase your "Ego" Size
  • Big Dicks Serious Game Review Time
  • Pro-Boning Hardcore Balls-To-The-Floor M

    Arguably the longest title conceived

    ega Time
  • Two Bros Complimenting Each Other While Teaching You how to Seriously Pwn at Awesome Video Games
  • Beat Games, Get Bitches
  • Play Like a Pro, and Fuck Bitches, and by Bitches I mean Your Mom
  • We're Better than You in every Way, my Penis is Bigger than Yours
  • Big Dicks and Bigger Women: A Video Game Show
  • Couch Gaming Pwner Bwners
  • Takin' Names & Beatin' Games
  • P.E.N.I.S.: Pwning Every Noob In Sight
  • VGA: Hip Deep in Monies and Panties
  • Gold in my Dick, Gold in my Dick, Whaddup Niggas?
  • VGA: Elbow Deep in Slutty Games
  • Want Dick? Well we got Video Games!
  • Dick Deep in Serious Gaming
  • "Headshots"
  • Virtual Viagra: Ultimate Big Dick Pwnage Version 2.5